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Saying Goodbye to Summer means gearing up for ArtCrawl and Christmas Markets

First and foremost: my new watercolour video channel.

Video Demonstration

I have just added a video channel to my site and will be posting demos of me painting watercolours on paper and I am inviting you to paint along or just watch. This came about because I had numerous requests during the summer Artisan Markets for classes and I wanted to create video classes that people can purchase through my website. Time as always is short and It is all a learning curve so I am putting these demos up until I can put together a series of classes. I hope you enjoy them and hey! they are all free. You can also find them on YouTube and I may eventually just create a link to youTube for the demos.

ART CRAWL October 20,21 and 22 At the Kube In Gibsons!

This painting is my newest large acrylic and I am pleased with the results. It is a 36x24" canvas 1.5 deep. $1,300. available through my website or contact me in person. I will be showing it at the Kube Studios during the Art Crawl. Which will be my location this year October 20,21,22,2023.

Christmas Artisan Markets

Starting October 7th and 8th Catherine (Fabric Arts) Almquist and I will be setting up at the Quality Gardens for the Gibsons Fall Market. If you can't make that one there are 2 more markets coming in the fall which I will post down the road. I will have lots of new items suitable for creative, original Christmas Gifts. Including scarves with my original art printed on and I am delving into some clay works. Christmas tree ornaments made of clay, all handcrafted. I have some really cool Tote bags with Molly's Reach based on my painting in watercolour called "Community". I hope you will come and support all the local artists in our amazing "Community"!!

A quick Message before I go

I look forward to seeing you this fall. Don't forget to paint along with me on my new video channel and remember to Subscribe to my website. As always if you see anything you want to ask me about in person classes, comments, advice, ideas send me an email.

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