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Colour Tips in watercolour

Updated: Jan 9, 2023

One of the most common mistakes new painters make is to use too much green in a landscape painting. Another problem can be using all the same shade of green. One way to help with that is to avoid using green straight from the tube. Making your own greens and practicing making different shades is a great way to add interest to your colour palette and paintings.

Keep in mind aerial perspective. As you go further back into the picture frame the cooler, bluer the colours become. They also fade and get softer.

Jeanne Dobie has an excellent book on colour called "Making Colour Sing" and I love her use of green in the landscape!

The little watercolour above called "Mission Wetlands" is an exercise I did keeping in mind to use less green and a greater variety of colour in a landscape painting. I used a 9x12 pad and cut it in half to make a 6x9" sketch. People often tell me that finding time to paint is very difficult in their busy lives but if you have a space where you can set up and leave out your paints and supplies. You can take an hour in the evening and practice a mini painting like this one. Set yourself a goal as I did (ie use less green in a landscape). Don't think about making a masterpiece. And just PLAY!!

This month I have been focusing on healthy eating and being intentional about being in the moment as often as I can. Being grateful for all the wonderful people that I have the fortune to be close with and also those that I meet daily. I spent way too much time last year pushing myself and not enough on just enjoying life. That sums up my New Years' resolution.


February 11th 6-9pm

Complete Beginners Watercolour Workshop

Cost: $95

Location: The Kube Studios in Gibsons BC

e-transfer payments or $40 deposit to hold the spot (you can come by The Kube and use debit or credit - call ahead to meet me there)

There is a possibility of another date if there is a big response or if we have students that want a more advanced class.

Jan 10-13 I am only available by phone from 09:00am-2:00pm so email me at or

after that feel free to call, text (604)885-8193 or I am always available by email.

A supplies list and course outline will be put up on this website soon.

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