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Looking Forward

Good Morning!

2022 is on the way out and 2023 is about to open up. This last year has had many extreme highs and lows for myself and my family. Despite the highs I am eager to put it all behind me and to work on being in the present and enjoying every moment with family and friends. I am very excited and motivated to focus on my art journey and hope you are interested in sharing the journey along with me.

The first thing I want to do is to announce my upcoming workshop. February will be the month. I have not set a firm date yet it will either be the 11th or the 18th. It will be a one day workshop, for complete beginners and the subject to be determined. That being said if there is a lot of interest I may book a second day and this would be for more advanced - but still beginners. It will be watercolour. If you are interested please reply to this email which is

Let me know your date preferences and the level you want to take. ie: beginner 1 or 2. (just to be clear beginner 1 is a complete beginner and it will be a very simple set of subjects). The dates are Saturdays and I plan on doing them in the evening from 6-9pm. The location would be at The Kube Studios in Gibsons. Cost $95.00. A supplies list will be provided as well as a course content.

My big win this last year was moving into the Kube Studios. It feels to me like progress. It is a space specifically for my art and has had many pleasant surprises and new connections. I was a bit afraid that my studio space would feel confining but it actually feels cozy, it is super organized and efficient. I allowed myself to design the space and purchase pieces to that end and it really has paid off. I love it! I look forward to sharing the space with you. Please feel free to come by for a visit. Call ahead (604-885-8193) or email though to make sure I will be there as

my hours are erratic to say the least :).

My big relax was going to Mexico with my husband, son and 2 of our grandchildren. That was on my bucket list and was a fabulous unwind and much needed.

My husband retired!! Yay for Keith!

One other thing I have had the pleasure of experiencing is attending and being part of Craft Fairs and Art Events. I was surprised how much fun that was and I had enough sales to realize that I can probably shift from the day job to full time artist. Wow! So November is my target date for that.

I want to share my latest painting and a work in progress so you can see where I am going. I am in the process of year planning with my mentor from Mastrius, Sharon-Lynn Williams and I have lots of goals and ideas of how I want to move forward.

I plan on sending more frequent blog posts and hope to hear from you regarding the workshop in February.

Wishing you all a Very Happy New Year!!

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